YOU MAY NOT BE WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE But You Can Become Who You Really Are

Be Who You Are

The odds are that who you think you are is NOT who you really are. There’s good news, though because you CAN become YOUR REAL SELF. It’s a choice you can make and it’s a gift you can give yourself.

The reason you are likely NOT WHO YOU REALLY ARE is because over the years you have been bombarded with relentless messages from advertisers designed to convince you that who you are is not okay. The persistent messages constantly tell you what you need to do to be acceptable, to look better, to feel better.

It addition, you likely have gotten subtle messages, and maybe some not so subtle, from family, friends, and others that have influenced how you view yourself. You gradually become who others think you should be and, perhaps worse, you bury qualities that, according to others, you don’t have.

You listen to all the messages, both consciously and subconsciously, and over time you begin to believe them and start telling yourself: “I’m not okay.” “I’m not good enough.” “I’m different.” “I need to change if I want to fit in.” “I don’t like how I look.” “I’m no smart enough.” “I’m not loveable.” “I don’t have any talents.”

As a result, YOU BECOME WHO YOU ARE NOT. You may not even realize it, but you become the person you think others expect you to be. The REAL YOU, your authentic self, gets buried, sometimes forever.

But there’s GOOD NEWS. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to make a decision to shed the layers of who you are not, choose to discover all the good that’s in you, and BECOME WHO YOU ALREADY ARE, THE REAL YOU, THE PERSON YOU WERE CREATED TO BE. It will take courage but you CAN do it. Like E.E. Cummings once said, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

The best place to start is to identify the qualities that describe the real you. Here are five descriptions that describe THE REAL YOU. Examine each one and allow yourself to BELIEVE that these are really you. Make them part of the messages you repeat to yourself.


It doesn’t matter if you have a disability, or if you have bodily defects, scars, or warts, or if you are overweight or unusually thin, or if you’re missing a limb or more, or if you are blind or deaf, or even if you have a debilitating disease, YOU ARE WHOLE. It doesn’t matter if you’ve made the world’s worst mistakes, YOU ARE WHOLE. That’s how you were created….WHOLE. No one can change that, not even you.

The very SOUL that was breathed into you when you took your first breath, the SOUL that prompted your heart to beat, the SOUL that makes up your beautiful inner being and gives you life — that’s what is WHOLE. The amazing SOUL that’s KEY to your very life is WHOLE. Nothing, not one single thing, not any person, can change that. To feel WHOLE, to accept yourself as WHOLE, is one of the most beautiful, most encouraging, most fulfilling feelings you can experience. YOU ARE WHOLE


There can be only one original painting and down through the centuries original paintings by the great masters have always been considered to have great value. Originals of any kind have great value. That’s what and who you are. YOU ARE AN ORIGINAL. And as an original, YOU ARE VALUABLE.

Regardless of whether you are a “believer” or not, the fact is you were created in the image of the great master CREATOR. You are not God, but YOU ARE GODLIKE because you can think, verbally interact, love, express emotions, plan, organize, create, and so much more that makes you a UNIQUE being. You are ONE OF A KIND, an ORIGINAL. You are VALUABLE.

Accept and nurture your uniqueness and give thanks that you are who you are: AN ORIGINAL. John Mason made a valid point when he said, “You were born an original, don’t die a copy.”


Because you are made in the image of the great master CREATOR, you have the capacity to make things, to create, to invent, to express yourself in something that is uniquely your creation. Consider the fact that when you create YOU ARE GODLIKE in that you are bringing forth something new.

Most people think of being creative as painting a landscape, or writing a book, or composing a symphony. But creativeness comes in all shapes and forms — anything from crocheting an afghan, to solving a problem, to improving ways to do things on the job, to expressing yourself in dance or song, to sewing a dress, to making a quilt, to creating a new recipe, to developing a better way to garden or farm, creating new designs, constructing wood projects, demonstrating creative leadership, using a creative approach in teaching others — there’s no limit.

YOU ARE CREATIVE — YOU ARE UNIQUE — all you have to do is have the courage to EXPRESS IT.


You were created with innate abilities, talents, gifts. Though you may resist the idea, or even deny it, the fact is YOU ARE CAPABLE. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Don’t let yourself doubt that you have talents. Though you might not initially recognize your abilities, never stop exploring your own strengths. A talent that you might not identify at one time, you might well discover several years later. Circumstances often help bring about self-discoveries.

In exploring your own talents, never compare yourself to others. You were not designed to have the same gifts as everyone else. Your talents are uniquely yours. Appreciate what you have and resist the temptation to envy another person’s talents.

You may not be an admired leader, but you may be an appreciated servant. You may not be the party organizer, but you may be one who contributes delicious food for the party. DISCOVER YOUR OWN UNIQUE TALENTS and develop what you have been given. BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE.


It’s not unusual to hear someone say, “I don’t see how anyone can love me.” The fact is, plain and simple, YOU ARE LOVEABLE because you were created out of love. The master Creator “so loved”…..EVERYONE. That includes YOU. And one of the greatest commandments ever given was “love one another.” That means each person is indeed “loveable.” Again, that includes YOU.

Just like talents, you can resist the idea or even deny it, but the fact is, YOU ARE LOVEABLE. And here’s the most amazing thing of all: love that expresses the love of the Creator is an UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This means that you do not have to meet certain conditions in order to be loveable. You are loved for WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Even when you make mistakes, YOU ARE still LOVEABLE. Nothing can change that.

It bears repeating. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is to be WHO YOU REALLY ARE. To do so will bring you peace of mind and put you on the road to self-fulfillment. Take another look at WHO YOU REALLY ARE and BELIEVE. You, yes YOU, are WHOLE, a beautiful ORIGINAL, CREATIVE, CAPABLE, and LOVEABLE human being.

“Be yourself; everyone else is taken.”     ….Oscar Wilde








I live simple. I laugh. I love. I write. Since retiring, I enjoy writing every day for the sheer pleasure of it -- no hassle, no stress, no pressure. Just pure joy. And I enjoy exploring different genres, attempting to discover where I feel most comfortable. I thoroughly enjoy meeting the interesting people that show up in my stories, delving a bit into their personal lives, and observing how they deal with life. I'm often amazed at what they say and do. I also enjoy the challenge of non-fiction and the amazing things I learn while researching and writing. And for a change of pace, I express myself in oil painting, thoroughly convinced that every painting is not just oil on canvas, rather it tells a story. My family and my faith mean a lot to me. I enjoy being a husband, father, and grandfather. I live simple. I laugh. I love. I write.

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