Solitary Tree

Have you ever heard a sermon from a tree? I have. And I stand in awe of the inspirational messages that trees deliver.

Trees stand powerful and majestic in groups and groves but even more so when they stand alone. Strong and sturdy, weathering the winds and storms of time, the stance of the solitary tree speaks volumes.
There’s something almost holy about a deeply-rooted, beautiful, strong tree. The blizzards rage against the tree, the cold winds bite and freeze, the summer sun sends rays of intense heat and drought, but the solitary tree stands firm. Its leaves do not wither. Its boughs reach upward toward the heavens, its leaves whisper a morning prayer, the birds of the air find refuge in its limbs, and the beasts of the field find comfort in its shade. It is a solitary tree but not unto itself, It stands to serve. It stands to give.
The tree’s sermons are sweetly spoken. “Be still,” the tree says. “Be still and know your Creator. Trust him for he abides in you. Stand tall, Stand firm. He will give you roots, strength, and perseverance to face life’s challenges. Be prepared to bend, but do not be afraid, for you will not break. You must stand alone, for no one can stand for you, yet you are not alone. The family of trees, the groves, are always near. Remember who you are and from whence you came and you will be comforted.”
We can only hear a tree’s sermon if we listen. We can only be inspired by the tree’s example if we observe. We can only appreciate the spiritual nature of the tree if we remember its Creator.
Poet Joyce Kilmer once wrote, “I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree….poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree.”



I live simple. I laugh. I love. I write. Since retiring, I enjoy writing every day for the sheer pleasure of it -- no hassle, no stress, no pressure. Just pure joy. And I enjoy exploring different genres, attempting to discover where I feel most comfortable. I thoroughly enjoy meeting the interesting people that show up in my stories, delving a bit into their personal lives, and observing how they deal with life. I'm often amazed at what they say and do. I also enjoy the challenge of non-fiction and the amazing things I learn while researching and writing. And for a change of pace, I express myself in oil painting, thoroughly convinced that every painting is not just oil on canvas, rather it tells a story. My family and my faith mean a lot to me. I enjoy being a husband, father, and grandfather. I live simple. I laugh. I love. I write.


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